Three Newborn Gifts That Keep Giving

One of the most popular gift items are those for babies. Shoppers buy toys and clothes, and even gadgets for their infant children, or those of relatives and friends. These gifts, unfortunately, may not stand the test of time as the baby would grow up. We’re here to discuss three gifts that keep on giving. We can tap into these concepts by giving gifts such as books, music and yoga class, three gifts that could serve a baby well even once he or she is grown up.

You can give books to infants, as even the simplest baby book could help an infant enjoy reading once he or she knows how to. Start ’em young and early and they’ll enjoy reading in due time. Reading to your child can help them love books when the time comes. Start as early as you could – it’s even better to start reading to a baby who’s just a few weeks of age! Story time with your newborn is more about sharing a special bond than reading, but this positive early experience may help your child develop a thirst for knowledge and a healthy attitude toward learning.

From gentle lullabies to classical compositions, early exposure to music may become another gift of a lifetime. When you play music for your baby, he learns the beauty of sound. Don’t just expose your baby to one kind of music. The more types of music your child hears, the more he learns to enjoy. You can expose your child to instrumental music, or the usual stuff with vocals, and it can be anything and everything – classical music, jazz songs, the usual pop songs on the radio, or even classic rock and heavy metal music! You just might end up raising the next Jimi Hendrix – or Mariah Carey.

Finally, you can enroll your child in a baby yoga class or infant massage session to develop their sense of touch and ability to move. The classes provide a superb bonding opportunity for you and your baby, but they may also do a lot more. Let your baby experience yoga for themselves and see the positive effects on body and mind to be carried to adulthood. Another thing that your baby could learn is healthy touch – and this can be picked up through infant massage sessions. It also facilitates a strong parent-child bond, which may improve your ability to maintain open communication with your child as he grows.

Likewise, baby yoga classes encourage healthy movement. Your baby could move more fluidly and gracefully as a child, and later on as an adult. And finally, by helping your baby out in class, you can encourage them to make the most out of yoga’s mental aspect, as it can help them live less stressful lives and think clearly as adults.

Some of these gifts may not be tangible, but all of them are gifts that your babies will be very thankful for once they become adults in about 20 years’ time or more. Not only are they fun to give, they give a little something back as you enjoy watching their benefits unfold in a child’s life.

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