Tips For Applying High Temperature Silicone Sealant

Silicone sealant is a strong, flexible adhesive that is used in many industries. This product is used by automotive mechanics, electricians, and even by doctors. High temperature silicone sealant is designed to create a waterproof seal that is resistant to higher temperatures. The compound cures in about 24 hours and is completely set in 5-7 days. It can take longer in very humid climates so you should take this into consideration during application of the compound.

The reason many industries use this compound is because it easily adheres to nearly anything. Whether you work with metal, tile, or glass the sealant provides a hearty, flexible seal that resists all of the elements and cures promptly. Even vibrations do not affect the seal once you apply it to your project and it is heat resistant to 500 degrees F. Additionally, this product is free of harmful solvents.

One of the most well known uses of silicone might be breast implants. However, it is also used by professional electricians to safely coat electrical wires. They know that it can be relied upon in projects such as fireplaces, grills, HVAC units, and industrial cookers.

There are some precautions that you must take when using any silicone based product. It should be stored in a clean, dry space where children cannot access it. Disposal may be restricted in some areas so make sure that you know these rules and dispose of it properly. If someone does happen to get some in their eyes then you should flush their eyes and take them to see a medical professional. Also, remember that it is permanent and can stain some items so be sure to quickly clean up any spills.

It is important to test the compound on any surface that you think might not seal properly. One example of a product that might not seal properly is glass or metal that has been coated with paint or sealant. This is easily overcome by priming the surface before you apply the product so make sure to test any surfaces that may be questionable.

The compound is packaged in an easy to use application cartridge. The area that you are sealing should be clean and dry before application. You may want to clean the area with solvent, such as alcohol, to ensure that the product adheres properly. Do not not use soap and water as it may not allow a sturdy seal. Remember to clean any remnants from all tools and the cartridge before it cures.

After application the adhesive starts curing quickly and usually will have an initial seal within about twenty minutes. Because it begins to seal so quickly you should have your plan ready before you start the application. Additionally, if you intend to tool the adhesive then you must start immediately after the application. High temperature silicone sealant cannot be painted because the paint will not flex with the product and may crack or peel.

It isn’t necessarily to replace the sealant on a regular schedule. It is considered to be a permanent solution to many problems. However, if you need to removing high temperature silicone sealant is just as easy as applying it. All you need is a sharp instrument, you can slide it under the edge of the adhesive and easily remove it. Once you have completed any repairs you merely prepare the area again and reapply the compound.

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