Tips On Guarding Yourself In An Unsafe Place

I am new inside this rough neighborhood. You consistently watch your own back around here, since you don’t know the minute somebody, some crack head mugger or crazy, is going to jump you.

Jake and Eric grew up here. I met them within my new work slinging burgers and also burritos at buyers at the neighborhood diner. We became pals. They told me I had better get something for protection such as they had done. They stated I could very easily buy Taser stun guns such as theirs on the Internet.

As Jake mentioned, Tasers don’t harm completely or kill anyone. They disable only temporarily, so you don’t risk your own neck fighting back.

Eric mentioned that you could contact the cops while the attacker was on the ground. He did that once. He mentioned Tasers are both long-range as well as close-quarters weapons. They work like ordinary stun guns up close, but shoot two darts connected to wires approximately 15 feet away in addition.

In addition to regular stun device technology, Tasers utilize electro-muscular disruption to take down even men that can take a lot of pain.

I had three choices: the C2 which Jake and Eric each have, the M26C as well as the X26C. The Taser M26C is the civilian edition of the law enforcement M26 model. It is shaped similar to a gun unlike the Taser C2, that appears like an electric shaver.

The Taser X26C is really advanced. This is the civilian model of the police-issue X26. Also fashioned like a gun, this features a digital power magazine that powers the device, takes note of the amount of power used, as well as knows the magazine’s life expectancy. There’s a neat central information display indicating the battery charge, a countdown timer for when the gadget is activated, as well as warranty information.

Just like Jake and Eric, I acquired a C2 as it suit my budget. Men such as us buy Taser weapons only for personal protection. And just like those two, I haven’t stopped checking my six out on the street. Keeping out of trouble still is better than needing to get out of it.

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