Top 5 Reasons You Should Buy Used Lapidary Equipment

Sure, you and I both know it makes sense to buy used lapidary equipment, but there may be some out there who need more convincing. So, without further ado, the top 5 reasons you should buy used lapidary rough?

5. You’ll know the equipment’s quirks ahead of time.

All lapidary equipment has it’s own little quirks. Do you want to take months to figure that out for yourself, or simply ask the person you’re buying the lapidary equipment from?

4. You’ll have the luxury of working with your own lapidary equipment at home without spending a fortune.

Lose yourself in the gemstone creation process and do it from the comfort of your own home workshop.

3. Your friends and family will wonder how you got so smart about money.

How often do you get to impress your loved ones? Why not treat your loved ones to something special with the money you’ll be saving.

2. The best lapidary rough may not be cheap, but you’ll be able to afford it with the money you save.

The better the lapidary rough you start with the more beautiful the gemstone. Imagine the lapidary rough you’ll be able to get with the money you save.

Drum roll please….the number one reason you should buy used lapidary equipment…

1. There’s beautiful gems hidden inside those rocks and you get to discover it for yourself, without having to spend a fortune buying new lapidary equipment.

You take an ugly rock and use your lapidary skills to find the beautiful gemstone that had been hiding inside it all along.

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