Traditional Mexican Food is Fascinating

The food of Mexico has a long and varied history. This diverse history is rich with a fusion of influences that has created a cuisine that is enjoyed all over the world. True Mexican cuisine is made of fresh foods that are prepared from scratch. The results are delicious and very good for you.

Mexican cuisine is the result of Spanish, Mayan and Aztec influences. Add in a dash of French and you have today’s Mexican cuisine. Although it has a reputation for being spicy, not all Mexican dishes are hot. Some are creamy and sweet. Depending on the area of Mexico a recipe is from, the food could be based more on beans, fruit, or seafood.

Cortez arrived in Mexico from Spain in 1521. He and his group discovered many new foods in the New World that they had never tasted before such as squash, vanilla, peanuts, avocados, chocolate, tomatoes, corn, beans, and coconuts. They shared what they had brought from Europe. The beef, cheese, lamb, pork, garlic, wine, milk, vinegar, and citrus fruits were quickly assimilated into Mexican cuisine and have long since become a major part of their diet.

Every cuisine can trace back to a foundation of a few ingredients. Mexican cuisine is based on beans, squash, and corn. Each region added their own local products to this foundation. In the Yucatan, seafood and fresh fruit-based sauces were the focus. Northern Mexico has a lot of charcoal grilled meats on the menu. Around Oaxaca, corn was first domesticated by man. They still grow many varieties there that are unavailable anywhere else in the world. They also grow a lot of chilies and are known to have at least seven different mole sauces in this area.

Around Veracruz, most recipes are based on fish. Tamales, tacos and everything else is made with the fresh fish that is available in this region. Other common ingredients that are used include olives, tomatoes, and chilies. What you eat in Mexican restaurants does not closely resemble true Mexican food.

What we eat in the United States tends to be a fusion known as Tex-Mex food. For example, in Mexico it would be extremely rare to get both beans and rice in the same course, let alone the same meal. Here it is commonplace. In addition, salad is hardly ever made in Mexico. This is the influence from the cuisine here in the United States.

There are many traditional Mexican foods to be found at the grocery store, you just need to know where to look. Authentic Mexican cuisine is a delicious way to feed your family. Find some traditional recipes and try them out. You will really enjoy the fresh flavors.

Sitting down to a Mexican meal does not necessarily mean tacos and enchiladas, but this certainly is a wonderful way to enjoy it. The real cuisine of Mexico is rich and full of flavor. Enjoy some at your own table and see all it has to offer. You will be very surprised.

There is something very special about Mexican food and a lot of people would love to find some free traditional Mexican recipes to try making themselves at home for the whole family to enjoy. From enchiladas to tacos and guacamole to mole sauce, flavorful Mexican recipes never fail to delight the senses.