Travel With A Yellow Fever Certificate

If you want to travel the world a Yellow Fever Certificate is compulsory for some countries. You really need to get one before you head off on your jaunts around the globe. You’ll be asked for this certificate at some airports and land border crossings so take no risks. Get a yellow fever certificate before you leave to travel the world.

Head to your local travel doctor to find out exactly what injections you need before setting off on your journeys. They will know exactly what is needed based on the countries you will visit. Here are the important things you will need to be aware of for getting your Yellow Fever injection:

1. Some countries ask for it on border control so its better to have the certificate ready to show them rather than risk not having it and being turned away.

2. To get a Yellow Fever Injection you need to pay around $60 AU Dollars.

3. Have faith in the travel doctors. They really know what they are talking about and they will help you. Just head there and get the injections – it’s much better to be protected against deadly diseases than take any risks.

4. Ensure your Yellow Certificate is valid. It needs to have a stamp and a doctor’s signature on it.

5. The only place you can get a Yellow Fever Certificate is from a proper Yellow Fever Approved Vaccine Centre.

7. It’s important to take your Yellow Fever certificate with you everywhere you go – you can never be sure which countries will ask for it.

7. It will be valid for 10 years.

Due to the seriousness of this subject, it’s highly important that you head to your local travel doctor and check with him based on the countries you are heading to.

To ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip it’s very important to know what injections you need.

As a traveller don’t take the risk of visiting Africa and SOuth America etc. without your Yellow Fever Certificate.

What is Yellow Fever? – A potentially deadly, fatal hemorrhagic disease consisting of fever, headache, vomiting, chills, nausea, muscle pain (in brief – you don’t want it!!)

How is it contracted? As with a lot of diseases, through a bite from a certain type of female mosquito (again, even after getting your vaccination, best to keep taking your malaria tablets, using insect repellent and taking all precautions against bites)

What countries are affected by Yellow Fever? Most of Africa and parts of South America and Asia.

How much does a Yellow Fever Vaccination cost? – Depends on country, and individual cost of clinic. As a good estimate, I’d say $40 US is a good price and $90 US and you’re being ripped off. But again, TAKE NO RISKS!

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