Truck Modifications: What You Want & Need

People purchase diesel trucks for a number of reasons. They tend to have better fuel economy and the engines are less prone to problems than gasoline-powered trucks. And, they definitely last a lot longer if they are properly maintained. If you are wondering what type of modifications you might want to make to your new truck, it depends entirely on what you need.

If you plan on towing a boat or fifth wheel or other type of RV, then improving your towing capacity is a good consideration to make. While your diesel truck, especially if it is equipped with a proper towing package, is generally equipped to carry heavy loads, it does impact horsepower, torque and fuel economy. You can make it a little easier on your truck by overriding the stock computer and adding a chip or programmer.

These programmers, which interchangeably are also called tuners, will allow you to make your own settings of the computer, which can increase your fuel efficiency as well the torque and, of course, your horsepower. A little research is all you need to find out what type of tuner you need, such as a Quadzilla tuner, an Edge performance chip or perhaps a Smarty tuner.

A cold air intake is another possible upgrade that you might want to make, particularly if you are looking to increase fuel economy. This might be especially important if you have a fairly long commute. If you add a tuner and cold air intake, you can maximize fuel economy and increase your torque because adding more air means you’ll get more power.

For some drivers, purchasing a diesel truck was more an ascetic decision than a practical one. Some people don’t drive long distances, tow heavy loads, race their trucks or go off regular paved roads but still love the look of a diesel truck. For these buyers, upgrades to the engine probably aren’t a high priority, but there are still some great upgrades that you might consider.

For example, you might consider upgrading your truck’s wheels and tires. Plus-sizing looks great and also will tend to improve your handling as well as your truck’s cornering ability. A custom grille or just an upgraded model also looks cool, and you can also consider adding a grille guard. In addition, it’s always fun to think about getting a custom paint job, which is a fairly cost-effective way to improve the look of your truck.

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