Types of Home Security Product

There are many types of home security product. How do you know then which ones you need? This all depends on how much time you spend at home. But even then, you still need to know what kind of home security product will be the one that you use the most.

Electronic Door Lock

These little gadgets will probably be the items that you use the most. Installed in all entrances of the house, they are programmed to trigger an alarm if a person entering a house does not deactivate that alarm within a set time. Of course, the only people who should know that combination are your family and the people that you trust the most. These locks are only used for the doors.

Window alarms are another thing. In cases of illegal entry through the windows, the alarms will be set off automatically and instantly. Special sensors can be placed there that can be activated any time of the day that you think they should be activated.

Motion Detectors

You may want to add a few motion detection devices around the areas of the house where your valuables are stored especially when you are out on vacation. You can also add these in hallways in between bedroom areas and the living areas of the house to protect your family. Your family has to know exactly where these devices are so that none of them trip the alarm mistakenly.

Of course, these are not the best home security product to have around if you have pets running around the house. This home security product can be set to trigger an alarm instantly once it has been tripped, much like when a wire has been broken in a hard-wired set up.


Home security cameras are another thing. There are two home security product options when it comes to choosing a camera. There are wireless cameras and those that work with a hard-wired setup. Naturally, the wireless home security product will probably be the best one to buy because of the fact that they can be set up easily without the hassle of cables. The other advantage is that they can be installed and hidden anywhere because there will be no cables to give up their location. However, when it comes to a power source, the wireless option is not so great.

Hard-wired cameras are ideal when considering the power source for your home security product. These cameras can use the local power source of the home and so can run for days on end. Recording footage is also another matter to consider because it might be best to use a digital storage coupled with high capacity storage devices.

Before selecting your home security product to buy, consider its usage first. You do not want to spend too much money on something that will turn out to be useless in the long term. Otherwise, you can always invest in all the home security product options out there; but only if you really believe that you can never be too safe.

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