Types Of Los Angeles Sand Blasting Media

To cut and shape metals into various sizes and shapes, you would need to use a sandblast material. These come in a variety of options ranging from glass grit, coal slag, aluminum oxide, baking soda, glass beads, pumice, silica soda, crushed glass grits, plastic and corncobs. The uses of sandblasting materials vary from one type to the other depending on their make. This makes it essential for people to be aware of the main kinds of Los Angeles sand blasting media.

Aluminum oxide is among the main sandblasting materials available. This material is usually hard enough that make makes it essential for cutting hard metal surfaces. Aluminum oxide is known to create an anchor-shaped design or matte looking finish when used to clean metal surfaces. The good thing with using aluminum oxide is that it does not produce lots of dust and cuts metals more easily.

Coal slag is as well available and one of the commonly used sandblast media. Coal slag is generated from power plants to be utilized when maintaining and repairing metals. Due to it being non-abrasive, people consider it when making microdermabrasion on metal structures. Even with all these benefits, coal slag is costly and hard to find.

You can as well land on glass beads or grits when searching for sandblasting materials. The good thing with these materials is their ability to be recycled. Depending on the size of glass beads or grits you use for your project, you would obtain structures with different slickness standards. The main function of glass beads and grits is to clean calcium accumulations on swimming pools and hot tubs.

Other popular sandblast materials are pumice and plastic grits, which mostly come in various shapes and sizes. People require these materials when stripping metal surfaces to reinstate their standard appearance and improve their look. Plastic grits and pumice materials are soft something that makes them ideal when cleaning metal surfaces.

Corncobs are also common types of sandblasting materials. Corncobs are designed to be utilized on woods to clean structures like homes, fences and barns before the application of paints. These are also ideal when cleaning surfaces that have been affected by smoke damages, grease and other materials. People can also use it to polish thin metals like the ones in springs, jewelry and engine components.

Silica is also a common type of sandblasting media. While silica produces high levels of dust when in use it is cheap and effective. In addition, silica is proven to cause lung diseases, which has led to its prohibition in a variety of countries since it is considered life threatening.

Choosing walnut shells for your sandblasting project is also ideal. Walnut shells are created in such a way that they can be converted into cheap and effective biodegradable sandblast materials which can be used to clean and polish sensitive surfaces such as historical architectural structures, electronics, car parts and aircraft turbines. The main purpose of walnut shell grits is to ensure perfect cleaning and restoration of graffiti, stones and molds.

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