Ubiquinol COQ10 Best Defense Against Heart Failure

The study above was published in 2008 in American Cardiology a leading medical magazine. It is therefore surprising that many, many cardiologists have yet to recommend COQ10 to their patients. One of the main drugs recommended by cardiologists are the statin family of drugs. These statin drugs have been shown in study after study to reduce COQ10 levels to below optimal levels in nearly every patient that takes them. The statin drugs are taken by millions and millions of people to reduce death by heart attacks. However, in doing this they are reducing levels of COQ10 and very possibly causing deaths by heart failure. Coenzyme q10 is also beneficial in reducing inflammation one of the root causes of disease.

American cardiologists have yet to catch on to this supplement which is surprising. The study above was published in American Cardiologist in 2008. In addition there have been dozens of published studies which show that statin drugs one of the most highly recommended drugs significantly reduce the levels of coenzymeq10 from all people taking the drug. If you search hard enough you will find statistics that show many people on statin drugs die of heart failure. Statin drugs are recommended to reduce heart attack deaths but may very well increase heart failure deaths. There are many other benefits of coenzyme q10 because of its antioxidant and anti inflammatory aspects.

Further the researchers found that the low levels of coenzymeq10 can double your risk of death. That is 100% higher than if your levels are at the optimal level.

Testing for Coq10 levels is pretty expensive so it is usually recommended only for those who already have a diagnosis of this disease. It seems prudent for people over the age of 65 to spend their money on coq10 supplements. As we age our coq10 production capability drops and the only source of coq10 in large enough amounts is supplements.

If you are over 65 you should strongly consider taking coenzymeq10 for the rest of your life. If you have reached this age you have a one in eight chance of dying of heart failure and there are over 300,000 deaths a year recorded in the US from this disease according to the Center For Disease Control.

There was a recent study featuring coenzyme q10. The researchers followed 236 patients with chronic heart failure disease. The study discovered COQ10 is a good predictor for heart failure death. The patients studied had a mean level was 0.68 mumol/l of coenzyme q10 in their blood which is lower than the optimal level of 0.73. This study was done over a 2.7 year time span.

Coenzyme Q10 has many benefits in the fight against aging. However there is only one kind of COQ10 to take. Find out how this type of coenzyme q10 operates in the body. Visit Coenzyme Q10 Benefits for more information on the natural remedies possible with this high powered antioxidant.