Understand the Causes for Stretch Mark

Many people are always thinking “Howis it possible for you to get stretch-marks?” This is no surprise because preventing these marks is definitely better than spending any time and money necessary to treat them.

Precisely what are stretch marks?

Stretch-marks are basically caused by skin being stretched and overextended to begin losing its elasticity. Take into consideration an ordinary elastic garter being stretch only 1 too many times. What are the results? It completely loses all elasticity.

Both elastin and collagen have to be gift for the skin to help keep its elasticity. Our bodies makes lots of elastin and collagen while we are young. However, as we get older and these elements aren’t present in vast amounts, the skin naturally stats to forfeit its texture, tone, and firmness.

At these times, these marks be visible on the epidermis, the skin’s top layer. After a while the it will appear in the skin’s middle layer, the dermis. Ever since we’ve answered the question, “what are stretchmarks?” we are going to explain how you will get them.

How can you get stretch-marks?

Likely, the simplest way to answer absolutely suit to tell you that whatever causes your skin to stretch may cause these marks. There may be truth to this particular answer, and you should also understand that your age plays a part in the development of these marks. Since the body starts to age, the epidermis begins to lose its elasticity.

However, one can find instances where even the younger generation develop these marks. When searching for an answer for the question “How does one get striae?” you should know that the following circumstances often be the cause in the growth of these marks in the younger generation:

1. Pregnancy usually means that an increase in a ladies weight. If the weight is gained, the epidermis stretches, especially on the stomach. Other parts like the hips, thighs and arms will also be affected. If your pre-pregnancy weight is regained, stretchmarks may form.

2. Truth be told, losing weight also can cause these marks, even if you’re not pregnant. For instance, people that are overweight that try to lose weight probably know that the marks can happen on the places that they lost probably the most weight. Bodybuilders that lose many muscle mass following a competition could also experience this.

3. Using steroids like cortisone may also result in the appearance of these marks. It is because steroids interrupt the endocrine system, and this influences the creation of elastin and collagen.

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