Unique Custom Framing For Designers

One thing that can give a room the unique feel and energy it needs is taking a piece of art and having it framed by a professional. Interior decorators often rely on the power of artwork to pull a space together and create something that suits their client’s tastes. There are several businesses that specialize in custom framing for designers, knowing just how to build that unique look.

There are many forms of art and there is one to match each individual’s personal tastes and used to create the perfect feel to their rooms. The things a person chooses to decorate their walls with can not only say a lot about them, but can also take the space from blah to fabulous in an instant. The housing chosen for the piece, whether it be prints, painting or memorabilia, can turn it into an immediate focal point.

One of the most important rules to this aspect of design is that the frame and mats should never be chosen to match the furniture. This could lead to huge issues if one ever decided to paint the walls or redecorate the space. The casings that are most effective are those that are selected and placed in such a way that they actually accentuate key components in the artwork.

There is so much more to decorating with art than simply selecting a frame from a shelf and inserting the piece, then hanging it on the wall. Each and every aspect of this process can have a profound effect on the way the final project appears. Professional decorators and framers know how to get the very best effects through combining certain features.

There are thousands of ways to combine the various components available, so finding one that makes the piece pop should be easy enough. How the subject will be encased is typically the first thing a person needs to decide. This means choosing whether to go with traditional styling, to embody a particular era by going the historical route, or opting for conservation which will guard the art against harmful agents like UV lighting, dust and oils.

This type of professional can take the client’s desired effect and suggest the best way to achieve it. They give recommendations on which glass would work best with the particular artwork, the proper mat style, and even the most complementary frame material. Most business will utilize software that allows their customers to virtually view what their treasures will look like before committing to the design.

Art is a most intimate style of expression. A skilled framer can successfully display a client’s paper or canvas artwork, their personal collections or even create a shadowbox for their treasured memorabilia. A well framed piece can bring a room together.

Alice Bursnell is an interior designer and an artist. She loves working with clients to provide a design that is not only beautiful, but functional. Alice believes that one of the best ways to make an impact in your design is to properly display art. If you are looking for Atlanta Professional Picture Framer she suggests you click here for more information.