Unique Wedding Favors – Bridal Party Wedding Favors

Buying a gift for some of your closest friends should be easy right? Well when it comes to finding bridal party favors, sometimes it can be stressful. You have so much other stuff going on when you are planning a wedding that it is hard to step back and really put a lot of thought into a gift. This article will help guide you through the process of finding a perfect gift for your wedding party.

A pretty necklace or a pair of earrings always makes a nice gift for your bridal party. It can also be a great accessory for them to wear in the wedding. Remember to keep it simple, because you don’t want to take away from the look of their dresses. People tend to be more inclined to wear simple jewelry.

If you know your bridesmaids well enough you could go and pick out a nice lipstick for them and have the tubes engraved with their name or the date of the wedding. You can also have other things engraved such as tennis bracelets and even metal plated campaign glasses. You might consider buying your bridal party a cute little hand bag or clutch. This could be helpful to keep their personal items in the night of your wedding. You can get monogrammed handbags as well from many sites on the internet.

When you are buying a gift for your wedding party, don’t leave your flower girl out. Get her a super soft stuffed dog or a pretty little pearl necklace. If she is older you might consider a light shade of lipstick.

For the groomsmen, cologne works well. If you are on a budget you might think about making your own gift baskets for them. Think about what your friends like and personalize each one. Tie clips are a good gift for the groomsmen as well. Ask your fianc what he thinks they will like and go from there.

For your father or the groom’s father, consider a tie clip, a mug, a tie or monogrammed golf balls. Your mother might like a bracelet, earrings, a nice photo album, a handbag or a jewelry box, remember that your parents are probably being very supportive of your wedding. Take the time to put some thought into picking out their gift.

Hopefully this article will help you to pick out bridal party wedding favors for the people who will be most important to you on your special day. Remembering to get your bridal party a thank you gift will be a great way to tell them how much you appreciate them.

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