Use Fire Safety during the Holidays

Repairing damage from fires in the home can be an extremely expensive and stressful ordeal for any individual or family. Fires in the home can cause extensive damage to both the physical structure of the home and to the mental state of family members because of the loss of prized possession and a secure home.

But the holiday season is also the time of fire danger. Every year around the holiday’s the number of reported residential and commercial fires see a spike in volume.

This boost in kitchen activity due to the necessary preparations of the holiday feasts comes with added risk, however. Kitchen fires are the leading cause of residential fires that cause damage to American homes every year.

Gasoline or other accelerants are the most destructive forces behind a house fire due to the fact that they are accelerants, or extremely flammable chemical compounds that fuel a fire. Accelerants such as gasoline can fan a small kitchen fire into a ranging inferno that will engulf an entire home in flames within seconds.

The National Fire Protection Association has found that this combination of flammable materials and heated decorations such as lights on a Christmas tree has accounted for an average of almost four hundred house fires every year.

This is because leaving food cooking while unattended allows for fires to not only ignite without the knowledge of the homeowner but also to grow into unmanageable and dangerous levels before being noticed. By staying in the kitchen while cooking this year’s holiday meals, a family and a homeowner will be able to better ensure their personal safety and that of their home.

With these facts it is clear that gasoline-fueled fires are still a major problem within the United States. The majority of these devastating house fires were attributed to fuel spills, inappropriate use of gasoline to fuel fireplace fires, and allowing gasoline to be stored too close to a heat source such as a stove, oven, fireplace or portable heater.

The first thing to remember is that a hydrated tree is a safe tree. Watering Christmas trees regularly will decrease the chances that the trees will combust in flame due to a short in the decorative lights or candles.

If this should happen to you and your clothes catch on fire, it is vital that you remain calm and remember what you were taught in grade school all those years ago; stop, drop, and roll. As you roll to extinguish the fire try to cover your face with your hands if possible.

Storing gasoline should also be done in a safe and responsible manor by keeping the gasoline outside of the home, like in a garage or free-standing shed, and in safe storage containers designed and approved by professionals.

Keeping a tree watered and hydrated may be the single most important way for a family to avoid a disastrous home fire this holiday season.

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