Use sound to train your Labrador

You can set things up in a controlled way so you can use sound for training purposes. This lets you get the exact result you want.

The 4 steps we are going to describe should be carried out in different places. We are going to try to get inside our dog’s mind to understand him better in order to start our work.

A good dog owner, already knows that dogs think and communicate, but not at all like humans. So it is up to us to make the effort if we want good results.

You have to be consistent so as not to confuse. Using conditioned reflex, you will be able to effectively change any behaviour you choose.

We will be using a set of cans in our demonstration. These allow us to change the direction of the sound quite simple by moving the string. This is all we need to change a behavior. We are going to create sound and follow it immediately with praise. What you do is let the unwanted behavior begin nad create a sound from a different direction, and then praise him.

Every time we create a sound this way, we praise him until he stops the behavior. You have to be ready to start the sound again when the behavior starts. You have to get past the point where you say to yourself “why should i praise him ?” but it works. As we said before you have to stop thinking like a human.

Of course, you may continue correcting your dog forever, as most trainers do. We do not understand why a trained dog needs correction. Seems that if he were trained, that would be the end of it. That would imply that if a trained dog makes a mistake, that this mistake is probably not an accident, but rather, a challenge to your authority.

You will soon come to enjoy this process because it really works well and you can take satisfaction from knowing how to change behavior. Do bear in mind that this is changing existing behavior, not teaching new behavior.

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