Using Bleeding Hollow Gold in the World of Private Servers

When most people talk about World of Warcraft servers, they’re discussing a specific realm, but fail to mention private servers. There are several options out there, but the Bleeding Hollow Gold private server offers you one of the most famous WoW clans.

Bleeding Hollow The story behind the Bleeding Hollow clan is that it that it was a clan that was not seized by the Alliance. Bleeding Hollow returned to Azeroth when the world began to disintegrate, leaving them as one of the most renowned clans on WOW.

Nevertheless, Bleeding Hollow was less successful during its second journey to Azeroth. The Alliance seized Bleeding Hollow and placed it into internment camps. While parts of Bleeding Hollow joined other clans, another part remained loyal. However, a clan of ogres later drove them outside of their lands.

Getting Access to Private Servers Even though you may think this is difficult, finding a private WoW server is pretty simple if you follow these steps:

#1 Rename Your Folder and Download If you haven’t done so already, it’s important to rename your WoW folder. All you need to do is locate the folder titled “World of Warcraft,” which can be found in the Program Files of your computer.

Unfortunately you’ll have to install WoW again. The default folder needs to be changed so it doesn’t fall under the default directory. Oh, and make sure you don’t put a WoW icon on the desktop of your computer.

2) Once you have completed the first step, you are ready to install WOW on to your PC. This is a very important step so make sure that you read closely. It is important that you avoid connecting to the server. After you have run the installation files, install WoW to your new folder that you have created. If there isnt a prompt to install WoW to your folder it should do it automatically.

#3 Find Private Server and Create an Account Anytime you want to run on a private server like Bleeding Hollow Gold, you need to create an account. Just find the “Account Signup” section and register on the server you choose. Just don’t forget to head back to the server page so you can get the appropriate link.

4) You will need to change the server from the WoW server, to your private server. Make sure that you save that file before closing it. Locate the file in your private server folder. Once you have located the file make sure that you click on the WoW icon in you server folder. Now you are ready to play some WoW on a private server.

(FYI) For Your Information

Before playing WoW on your private server, remember these matters: Many private servers are free, yet not free of bugs. A World Save happens automatically every 10-60 minutes.If you become disconnected right after connecting, then the server is full.Merely changing your original WoW file will NOT link you to private servers

If you are a hardcore WoW player, then you should consider private servers, such as bleeding hollow gold. Enjoy the World of Warcraft in a world of private servers!

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