Using Raised Beds to Grow Your Own Food Year Round

When information on processed foods first started becoming available many labeled it a hoax. However, as the facts come out it is causing more families to think about the source of the food they put on the table. Some are buying as much organically local food as they can find while others are starting to produce their own.

Another challenge that a lot of people find themselves facing is space. Most of us do not start off in houses with great big yards that allow us to put in a large garden or greenhouse. With that said, we are forced to find ways to grow food that is more space conscious and using raised garden beds, especially the tiered kind, takes care of this problem.

It is said that when “the times get tough the tough get going”. During the tough times of the depression there were many families that had gardens because there was no other choice. Today families do have a choice and they are choosing their health.

Having the experience of many years of gardening coupled with some of the newer technologies opens up some unique possibilities with your raised bed kits as long as you plan correctly. The one thing all the technology and knowledge cannot replace is your time and commitment to the job if gardening itself. Nothing can replace you!

One of the greatest challenges is living in the inner cities. One of the greatest things about a raised bed is you can, if you are careful, use them on stoops, balconies and decks. You need to find out the weight restrictions of the platform and use light soils to fill the bed. If the bed is too heavy, try different types of containers to create a container garden.

Make sure you can place the bed in the sun as well. The plants will need as much heat as possible from fall through the early spring to make it viable unless you are using some type of lamp and that’s a whole different subject. You can also use a cold frame or small greenhouse to cover the bed with on those cold nights that dip below 45 degrees.

Unless you live in the coldest of climates, most days will be warm enough without any additional heat source. However, there will be need from time to time to provide your plants with some extra heat to keep the temperature above 40 degrees. I would suggest you do a little research to find the best method that is both cost affective and practical for your situation.

What you should be able to take away from this article is the fact that you can grow your own food on a year round basis as long as you plan well and have the right tools and equipment. It doesn’t take a lot of money and is well worth the effort once you start harvesting those tasty veggies and herbs. Good Luck!

Using a tiered raised bed is a great way to reduce the amount of space you will need to garden. However, there are many types of raised plant beds that will work as well.