Various Types Of Top Sydney CBD Accommodation Available

Sydney is a metropolis with a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. It’s the Australian city with the highest population and it’s also the largest in size. It has become known as a centre for arts, business, culture, tourism, music, education and entertainment. Sydney CBD accommodation caters for all these diverse visitors and you will find a place to stay regardless of your tastes or budget.

Your reason for visiting Sydney will of course have a large effect on what type of accommodation you select. A businessman would want to be close to the heart of the business district and he would most likely choose to stay in one of the many 5-star hotels this area has to offer. Many of these hotels cater specifically for business people. They’ve got Internet and fax facilities, conference centres, rooms with wi-fi access and amenities such as a valet service and 24-hour room service.

A family man visiting Sydney with his wife and children has different needs. For him and his family one of the many 3-star and 4-star hotels in the CBD area will be perfect. While not able to compete with their 5-star counterparts in terms of sheer luxury, they still offer a lot for your money. There will usually be more than one restaurant where a variety of gastronomic delights are on offer. Often a pool and gymnasium will be available. The bedrooms will all come with private facilities and mostly with cable TV.

If you have a large family, or you’re travelling with friends, one of the self-catering apartments available in this area might suit you better. Four people sharing a two-bedroom unit will most likely pay less than for similar hotel accommodation. An added advantage is that you will have a kitchen, so you don’t have to eat every meal in a restaurant, which can be great for saving money.

If you’re on holiday you will no doubt look for a place that’s close to the tourist attractions of Sydney, or at least on a public transport route. Try to find something close to the Sydney harbour bridge or the opera house. If you want to be near nightlife, the western part of the CBD area is closest to Darling Harbour, which has several restaurants and clubs.

For those of you who are young at heart but have a limited budget, Sydney has a lot to offer as well. There are more than one hostel in the CBD area which cater specifically for people like you. The prices are great, the atmosphere relaxed and you’ll be able to meet fellow travellers. Most of the time they will have an area where guests can relax and mingle, a TV room and often a barbeque area. You will nearly always have a shared kitchen in which to prepare meals.

Another accommodation option in the CBD area is of course a guest house. There are a couple of boutique guest houses catering for high-income individuals. Then there are a large group of family-run guest houses catering for middle-income people. The atmosphere here will be very relaxed – you will feel like you’re part of the family.

From the above it should be clear that Sydney CBD Accommodation has something to offer everyone, regardless of his needs. All that you won’t find here is camping facilities! For this you will have to venture further out, perhaps closer to one of the many beaches.

Fraser Brown works as a experienced writer who is actually a Sydney Accommodation specialist and is principally recognised for focusing on Sydney travel and information initiatives