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We have all experienced it one time in our life. Yes sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress for eight hours at a time is no joke. Your back is continually out and you have headaches that will put Frankenstein out of business. So what do you do to relieve yourself from this misery? Well you have to get yourself a new mattress. Go to some Mattress Stores In Daytona Beach Florida, where they will set your back straight.

What is a mattress essentially? Well it started off being a mat or pad which humans slept on. This mat eventually got softer by putting straw or leaves under animal skins and was also raised from the ground.

The word mattress derives from the Arabic word materas. The Arabians usually sleep on soft cushions and the Romans at that time adopted this sleeping habit. Eventually the word changed into what it is today as the mattress spread through Europe.

“Nothing is new under the sun”, so the saying goes. As far as mattresses goes, this is true. Believe it or not as far as 3600B. C., they made their beds from goatskin filled with water. Where you might ask, well this was a common practice in Persia. So a water bed today, is not such a new invention after all.

From about the 15th century and up to about the 18th century, mattresses took on a life of their own and everyone started filling theirs with a myriad of materials. Anything that was soft, went into your mattress. But alas, they did not factor in the lumpiness after a while so more innovative ideas had to be thought of.

In the late nineteen thirties, innerspring mattresses become widely used and many artificial fillers were commonly made to fill them. Twenty years later foam rubber made an appearance on stage, as well as comfortable foam pillows to match.

Memory foam is now the flavor of the day and one can just think what it can do. Well it actually memorizes the contour of your back and buttocks, elbows and shoulders. Sleeping has become more comfortable and more space aged. What could be next for our humble mattress?

For optimum back support which will render you fresh and ready to tackle the stresses and strains of a long day, get your next mattress from reputable companies at mattress stores in daytona beach florida. It will be the best thing you do for your back and no more back pain in your future.

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