Waterset is Making Buyers Take an Interest in FL Homes

Apollo Beach Homes have something to look forward to with the new development of Waterset. The area has over the last decade seen its population increase greatly as new homes and neighborhoods come up. In fact according to census figures from 2010, the area has seen a 75% increase in residents and households as compared to the year 2000. It is believed the new residents came in to occupy newly built homes.

The area has seen a boom in the construction business as more investors jump in to build new neighborhoods. Taking advantage of the appeal of the area, Waterset homes for sale can be expected to appear soon on house listings. The area was originally used as grazing and farming grounds by the Dickman family whose patriarch later envisioned the area as being suitable land for the construction of a waterfront community.

Over the years the property has had a variety of owners. Eventually it was by the Corr family, who sold a few acres of land, and used some to build homes on. Regardless of a variety of problems over numerous years, the Corr’s were finally able to turn the Apollo Beach neighborhood in to a successful waterfront residential area.

Apollo lies between Tampa and Brandon although many believe that it belong to Tampa. Roads to other areas are easy to access with the US Highway 41 running close. The planning of Waterset was a massive undertaking with over 2350 acres being used for this purpose, which is believed to be the largest residential areas ever to be built in the country.

With the recent news that Waterset homes may soon be here, it is obvious that the real estate and construction business are looking up. With developments of this size, not only will there be a spike in employment opportunities for those in the construction business but the increased population in the area will in itself add more opportunities as schools and businesses are sure to also be added to the mix.

Waterset, as the name implies will have plenty of waterfront property, where buyers can enjoy year round activities such as swimming, fishing and boating There are a huge number of canals that connect to Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Others having more interest in leisure land activities will have plenty to choose from with several parks and hiking trails coming up.

Anyone interested in buying a home in Waterset can select from several reputed real estate agents. In the case of first time buyers, it’s in their best interest to look for an agent who will be in a position to ascertain whether they are in line for a grant from one of the many Hillsborough County programs. This will help them no end to get a better price when buying their very first home.

Given that the Florida housing market is offering a good return on investment for those renting out their second homes, then Waterset homes for sale can also be considered a wise investment choice. There will be a variety of housing options to choose from with easy access to various social amenities. Whether the house will be a holiday home or a rental investment, the Apollo Beach area is a good pick as it holds lots of appeal and is sure to continue attracting many new residents.

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