Ways To Decide On Wedding Presents Based On The Time Of Year

A wedding is an important occasion in the couple’s life who wish to tie the knot. Preparing for the wedding can be quite exciting and most brides would like to make sure that every detail, even the smallest things like wedding ring cushions needed for the wedding are perfect. One would have to prepare the wedding accessories items that suit the wedding theme from garters to wedding ring cushions to hair accessories to wedding tiaras and wedding horsehoes. Every wedding is unique and this should be remembered and cherished since this is a happy occasion.

This is why the celebration of the wedding doesn’t end on the wedding but the husbands and wives are celebrating wedding anniversaries. In these occasions, the married couples have gifts and surprises to give in order to celebrate their marriage. However, a lot of them are having difficulties in deciding which items to give as wedding gifts. However, when you know the traditional symbol of each time of year after the wedding, then you will have easier and simpler gift choices.

Giving wedding gifts based on the time of year is one easy and fantastic way to remember the anniversaries that husbands and wives are sharing. Each wedding anniversary is symbolic of something and it is a fantastic and unique idea to be offering gifts according to what the year symbolizes. However, many of the married couples are not mindful of these and they base their gifts based on what they like or what their partner may like. Most often, husbands just give their wives jewellery or flowers or plan for a dinner date. Many of the couples don’t give wedding gifts according to what the wedding anniversary represents because they may not be aware of this or they like modern gifts more.

So why don’t you consider these wedding gifts ideas that you can offer on your wedding anniversary and make the occasion an unforgettable and special one. For the first wedding anniversary, this represents the paper. Hence, you can offer your husband or wife with items made from paper. There are many things to select from and you can give your husband or wife handcrafted items made from paper. The gift you receive may be simple but knowing that your partner is thoughtful enough to get you something then you should appreciate that. However, plastic, clocks and gold jewellery are the modern suggestion for the first year of marriage. The second year after the wedding is represented by cotton. When it comes to wedding gifts, there are many things to choose from. This does not literally mean that you will give a piece of cotton, but you may buy him or her anything made from cotton, it can be cotton wedding garter or a clothing made from cotton.

The wedding anniversaries can become very memorable occasions when you are mindful with giving traditional themed wedding gifts. On the third wedding anniversary, things made from leather are the ideal gifts. This can be shoes, bags, wallets, purses, belts, etc. During the fourth wedding anniversary, you can have fruits and flowers. On the fifth, give something made from wood.

On the sixth wedding anniversary, you can give anything with sugar or a thing made with iron. You can go for sweet goods where you can readily find in the supermarket. The seventh wedding anniversary is represented by copper or wool; the eighth is pottery and bronze; ninth is willow or pottery; tenth is aluminum or tin; eleventh is steel; twelfth is linen and silk; thirteenth is lace; fourteenth is ivory and the fifteenth is crystal.

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