Ways To Remove Body Hair

Most people have at some point or the other had to face the problem of unwanted hair and have struggled with several techniques for hair removal. Many factors such as the area and amount of hair growth, your skin sensitivity and your skin type can determine the hair removal method best suited for you.

The most common way of removing unwanted hair is shaving. It is inexpensive and effective, but it is temporary and needs to be done on a regular basis to keep up a hair-free look. For instance, men normally shave their facial hair on a daily basis. People also use shaving to remove unwanted hair from body areas like chest or legs.

Another method is waxing hair off the body. It is a complicated procedure, which generally cannot easily be done at home on your own. On the positive side, while waxing, the hair is extracted from the root, which results in a longer period of hair-free skin as the hair takes about two weeks to begin growing back. However, the procedure hurts a lot and it might not be appropriate for removal of hair from sensitive areas.

The third method is using a hair removal cream, which is simple to apply and can be used without external assistance. These creams do not hurt, but they are not as effective as waxing and hair reappears faster. There is an additional danger that your skin may be sensitive to the chemicals in the cream, resulting in a rash.

Those who have uneven hair growth on their bodies can go for hair transplant from the areas with more growth to the parts with lesser growth. This is a complex procedure and should be applied only in case there are no other alternatives.

Lastly, laser hair removal treatment can be tried, but it is very expensive. The main benefit of laser treatment is its everlasting results. However, in order to avoid skin injury and blemishes, the treatment must be done only by skilled experts.

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