What Are The Benefits Of A Wall Aquarium

Perhaps the biggest reason of all why wall mounted aquariums have become increasingly popular, is because they are simply incredibly convenient. Unlike regular aquariums which sit on top of a stand, and in turn cause damage to your flooring and carpets, wall mounted aquariums are simply mounted directly onto a wall. Not only does this concepts mean that your carpets won’t sustain any damage, but it also means that your aquarium won’t be taking up valuable floor space.

Installing a wall mounted aquarium

To a great extent, a wall mounted aquarium is almost like a picture which has come to life, but of course a considerable amount of care needs to be taken with regards to the installation. In fact, if you’re unsure as to whether or not you can do the job yourself, then it would perhaps be better if you considered hiring a contractor to do it. However, the actual installation is by no means a difficult task, considering that practically everything you need is already included when you buy the aquarium. This includes filters, lighting, and a water heater which of course will need to be set accordingly. In order to secure the aquarium against a wall, a few strong steel brackets will be required so that the aquarium can be mounted securely and at a height which you find to be the most convenient. Once you’ve secured the brackets to the wall you can then begin filling the aquarium with water, but of course you should monitor it carefully in order to determine that it is indeed securely mounted.

Facts about wall mounted aquariums

These particular wall-mounted aquariums were the originally designed in Australia although they are manufactured in China in order to keep production costs down. Essentially, the structure is made from brushed plate aluminum which is then bonded to M.D.F. hardwood. Additionally, the beautiful finish is preserved by means of a specific resin. All these wall-mounted aquariums come complete with the necessary filter required for oxygenating the water, an appropriate light, a siphon for cleaning and emptying, and also a net for catching the fish should they need to be transferred at any time. Admittedly these wall-mounted aquariums may only be suitable for the smaller species of fish, but then again, there never has been any intention to compete with larger size aquariums. One of the best things of course, is that all these aquariums come with a full one near guarantee.

Are there any limits regarding the fish one can keep in these aquariums?

As already mentioned, wall mounted aquariums are suitable for all types of fish apart from the larger species. Additionally, one should bear in mind that if you choose to keep tropical fish, you may require a water heater depending on where about you live.

Cleaning a wall-mounted aquarium

When you purchase one of the wall mounted aquariums, it includes a siphon for the purpose of cleaning the tank. This can be used for removing debris from the bottom of the tank and also for removing the water. Easy access to the tank is via a glass plate lid on the top. Because of the narrow design, these aquariums don’t hold an excessive amount of water so in general, they are incredibly easy to maintain.

Why are wall mounted tanks better than regular tanks?

One would think that a wall-mounted aquarium is quite literally an accident waiting to happen, particularly if you have young children in the home. However, wall-mounted aquariums are mounted out of reach, and that in itself prevents accidents. In fact there’s less chance of a disaster than there is with a regular aquarium that’s on a stand. Additionally, as has already been mentioned, they are incredibly easy to clean, and certainly a lot easier than regular fish tanks.

Interestingly enough, numerous studies and research has found that the site of an aquarium can have a very calming effect on a person. Above all, wall-mounted aquariums are not only available in one single boring design, but instead, they come in a number of different sizes and designs which means you can choose one that you feel will best meet your needs.

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