What Are The Precise Problems Of A Motion Picture Hit?

Anytime a Hollywood film is released the aim is to produce a film that the public loves and that will become a epic hit. Take a great story line, throw in a few famous actors along with some special effects and voila’, a huge box office success. But it doesn’t always happen that way. Sometimes a movie will contain everything that you think might make it a success and it still fails at the box office. There is no such thing as a sure thing in Hollywood.

The quantity of money that can be used up on a film in order to make a blockbuster triumph seems to be inexhaustible. But the reality of the matter is that until the motion picture hits the box office and actually brings in huge receipts in ticket receipts it is a gamble. Of course, there are always those directors who seem to have the magical touch and there are stars who have the magic to be able to assure a blockbuster for awhile, if you look at past history even the most popular stars have played in box-office disasters.

Hollywood has brought us what seems like millions of movies and it would seem that they would know exactly what the public wants to see. However, popular opinion is variable and there are no sure things. Sometimes a big-budget motion picture with all of the ostensible best ingredients for victory still fails miserably at the box office.

One excellent and rather recent case in point of a big-budget film failure is the 2005 film “Sahara”. While it opened at the box office acceptably, grossing $18 million the first weekend and actually did reasonably well by generating $122 million in gross-box office sales the film cost so much to make that the film essentially lost cash. This film had expenses of $281.2 million during production but when it was said and done it only brought in receipts of $202.9 million. That is quite a defeat even by Hollywood standards.

Contrast that to another celebrated film from’99, ‘The Blair Witch Project”. Although the purported overheads of making the motion picture differ with separate information, the highest evaluation is that it cost about $100,000 to produce. The motion picture went on to gross over $248 million globally making it the motion picture with the highest proportion of box office sales to production cost in American filmmaking history until it was eclipsed by “Paranormal Activity” in 2009.

One of the chief keys to creating a best-seller is to produce a buzz around the film through media reporting and frenzy. This helps cause eagerness and contributes greatly to a ticket sellout on the opening weekend. However, opening day revenue will never tell the complete story and a movie must continue to make box-office sales in order to be deemed a success.

With as many movies as there are, you may think that Hollywood would have it down and know exactly how to cater to the public and bring them the motion pictures that they love. However, part of the excitement for both movie attendees and producers is the fact that there are no promises. Even the most well-liked actor occasionally has a box office letdown and even the most certain of movie storylines can stop working.

There will still be movies that are remarkable blockbuster hits and of course there will always be films that are surprising blockbuster failures and that is part of the appeal and allure of the film industry. Because you never know exactly what the public will completely enjoy!

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