What Are The Various Types Of Inflammatory Arthiritis?

Brief description

Arthritis is technically related to any painful inflammation in the joints; but this term is commonly used to refer to all types of joint problems. On the contrary, inflammatory arthritis is referred to all the conditions of joints which involve the inflammation and immune system.

For instance, in osteoarthritis, wearing out of bone ends on the articular cartilage. This is the cause of the inflammation. In case of rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation occurs in joint lining as a symptom of systematic disease.

In inflammatory arthritis, pain and stiffness is experienced. This is the very first thing happening in the morning as well as after sitting for sometime. This differentiates it from degenerative arthritis where worsening of pain occurs while performing any activity and during the end of the day.

How inflammatory arthritis developed?

The most probable ways in which arthritis occurs are autoimmune disorders, where body considers its own tissues as alien and retorts with inflammation. The autoimmune situation includes rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, Reiter’s Syndrome, lupus and other types of arthritis related to inflammatory bowel disease.

There are lots of other bacteria also which is accountable for arthritis such as reactive arthritis or by depositing crystalline composition in joints as pseudo gout and gout.

The body is unable to remove the pseudo gout or gout itself from sufficient amounts of crystalline structure because of the metabolic deformity which arises with age. This leads to deposition of excess amount of waste product in the joints, specially the big toe and the knee and some time in the spine.

What are the symptoms?

Sign found in inflammatory arthritis are distinct from that found in someone suffering from degenerative disc ailment or steno sis, primarily for whom the back pain is a serious issue. Typical health therapies are helpful to get healed from the symptoms confronted through inflammatory arthritis.

Though they unable to notice and heal the deep reason of the problem. The reasons that are accountable for arthritis are allergies to foods or sensitivities, different infections, chemicals and inhalants. It is always advantageous to take herbal medicine therapies for treatment of inflammatory arthritis.

How to cure inflammatory arthritis?

The immune system is a very complicated and complex system of specialized organs made from cells as well as cell products that continuously produce antibodies to fight the substances in the body that appear alien and foreign to it such as viruses, bacteria, ,mutant or worn out or damaged cells and infectious agents.

Once the immune system finds an allergen or infection, it generates antibodies to fight against painful organism or products for removing it from the body. In case of autoimmune disease an individual’s immune system is unable to recognize among non self and self and eventually the body’s self organs, tissue and cells

There are number of autoimmune diseases, both disturbing and long. For treating these diseases, conventional medical practitioners concentrate on relieving the symptoms and gradually slowing down the progress of the disease. Prednisone is useful as it controls the symptoms but does not take care of etiology of underlying condition.

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