What Can I Do When A Prescription Drug Like Plavix Causes Easy Bruising?

No one likes to walk around with large bruises on their arms or legs, but if you are currently taking the drug known as Plavix, which might be exactly what you are dealing with. Plavix is a drug that is routinely recommended for a number of different issues, but one thing that people who are on this drug frequently note is that it is a drug that can quickly cause them to be subject to severe bruising. While they are not doing anything differently, they find that normal or routine contact during their day-to-day life will subject them to large bruises, often with a hard center. Though these bruises do not really cause any harm, they are irritating, ugly, and you certainly want to know what is taking place.

To begin with, you need to learn just what Plavix is and what it is intended to treat. In a nutshell, this drug is basically an anti-coagulant. It is designed to prevent blood from clotting, and it is normally used to help people who have suffered a recent stroke or heart attack and who have a higher likelihood of developing large blood clots. Occasionally it is used for people who have specific heart or blood vessel conditions. While easy bruising is a known side effect of this drug, it is generally considered an acceptable trade-off because the bruising is not a medically significant issue.

Plavix helps your body prevent serious blood clots by thinning your blood. When the blood is thinner, it will be much less likely to clot, but thinner blood is the primary reason that you will be more likely to bruise easily. While taking Plavix, you probably will end up bruising more frequently than you think you should, but you should realize that the bruising is not causing any real damage to your body. When you bump into things, the resulting minor injury does create a small bit of bleeding beneath the skin. With Plavix your blood is thinned and does not readily clot, which allows more blood flow to the injured area and the resultant bruising is much more dramatic than it otherwise would be.

When you are looking for a means that can mitigate the bruising effects of Plavix, you should keep in mind the reason for the prescription. Make sure that you consider speaking with your physician to see if there are any prescription alternatives to Plavix.

Some people don’t have bruises all of the time, depending on the concentration of Plavix in their body, while other people try to increase the amount of vitamin K in their diet, to help strengthen their blood vessels.

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