What Eyelash Extensions Are All About

Aside from having a beautiful body, another thing that could make women very sexy are her eyes. There is something about women that have beautiful eyes especially eyes that are very expressive. Having very long and thick lashes could also contribute to the sexy factor. Nowadays, many women are determined to achieve such eyes by going for eyelash extensions CT.

Eyelash extensions have become quite a trend in the world of beauty. These are very common among socialites, actresses, party goers, and any girl that is determined to look really good. When worn, these can increase the volume of your natural lashes, making your eyes look more beautiful. An extension can be made from synthetic material or from natural lashes and can also be temporary or permanent.

This service is now being offered in a lot of salons and even spas. People that want to get an extension for their lashes may look for an esthetician, a cosmetologist, or a lashtician. Regardless of which one you want to get, see to it that the person is someone trained and certified in the field of lash application.

For best results, the ideal thing to do is to gather all the information about the procedure. Talk with a professional first so you will be enlightened. You should also have the initiative to check the items that will be used like the adhesive and lashes to check if they are safe and appropriate.

After your lashes are applied, you have to do your best to keep them from getting wet. It is important to do this for about two days. This is going to help facilitate the bonding of the glue so the lashes will not easily fall off. During this time, try not do anything strenuous or anything that involves making your eye area wet.

For the next couple of days, you have to keep yourself from sleeping in any position except supine. This position is going to help the adhesive dry as quickly as possible and will also protect the lashes. Sleeping supine is one way that weird kinks are going to be prevented from happening.

Aside from water, you also need to be careful of substances that have a high moisture content and any oil based products. These substances could break the component of the glue keeping it from doing its job. You have to be careful when applying products like facial creams, lotions, and shampoos.

One more thing one has to follow at all times is make sure the fake lashes will be handled with care. Never make it a habit to pull or play with them. This will damage the lashes and will keep them from sticking properly. This will also cause pain or injury. If something is wrong, just let the professional take care of it.

Eyelash extensions CT could help in bringing out sexiness of a person’s eyes. When a person has thick lashes, many would admire them because of how beautiful their eyes are. Long lashes also give you that sexy and smoldering look.

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