What Operating Systems Could Be Applied Together With Cloud Software?

Doubts were raised over the reliability of cloud solutions over the other existing technologies and also over the solutions it would offer. It was an awesome experience with great potential in the computer world as well as its future for most people. Today, the perception is totally different as we see and embrace cloud computing as the future of computing. This leaves no option therefore than to bring users at par with the cloud.

The backbone of all computing systems is the operating systems and cloud computing is no exception. The cloud engine software needs to be run on a cloud operating system to be able to enjoy all the features of the cloud. Various operations depend on these operating systems to be able to function within the cloud environment. Currently, there us a wide variety of cloud operating system availed as open source or commercial products. The choice of one operating system over another mostly depends on factors surrounding individual projects. There are several cloud operating systems listed below that your cloud software could run on perfectly.

The most popular cloud operating system in the market today is the Eye OS. This open source operating system can deliver full capabilities through a web browser. It is compatible with a lot of the cloud engine software we have today and is also widely used on cloud servers. Those using this operating system on their servers have access to a user friendly cloud control panel as well as other features and server management tools.

Another widely acclaimed cloud operating system is g.ho.st which is really a catchy and memorable name. Games, office applications, file storage, multimedia and so much more are among the features it has. It gives room for mobile access and also runs a wide variety of cloud applications. This operating system is built on collaboration from its conception which is a unique and rare feat of Israeli and Palestinian collaboration. The operating system that is ideal and commonly used by those running remote teams is Kohive. Students, freelancers and interest groups benefit greatly from this operating sytems as it provides the tools to meet the needs of collaborating on projects in real time.

Cloud engine software and most other types of applications are automatically compatible so as to ensure that you can continue working even when not using uniform resources. There is also a personal cloud operating system that is known as Cloudo. The users of this operating system enjoy the privilege of accessing their cloud desktops from wherever as long as they have internet connection. The majority of both personal and business cloud software is supported by this operating system.

The cloud operating systems to run your cloud engine software are so many in the market and these are just a few of the wide variety. Critically analyzing each one of them will help you determine which one best suits your needs.

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