What Stair Chair Lift Is About

A chairlift is a mechanical device or lift that is lowered or raised at the edge of a flight of stairs, used for carrying people. The sick, disabled, and elderly find these structures very important. To make it easier for them a person just sits on the carriage or chair and gets lifted or lowered as it travels along the rail. For best stair chair lift one is recommended to visit Baltimore, MD.

Electric stairs have lots of features or components. The different components include armrests, controls, battery, seat belt, rail, and footrests. An electric lift does not attach to the walls, instead it attaches to stair treads. Most units have 3 points of attachment, at the middle, top, and bottom. Points of attachment and tracks are normally raised over the floor. It may not be necessary to remove carpets when installing them.

Most people think that operating chairlifts raise their electricity bill but this is not true as these devices consume less power. Earlier versions had drive motors that ran on AC. They required 115 to 230 volts to run but with modern better technology this power consumption has been reduced. Domestic lifts are powered by both DC and AC. All models come with back up rechargeable batteries.

Batteries are required so that they can power the unit when there is power outrage. Bearing this in mind, the accumulators should always be fully charged. Accumulators are stored within the device and can re-charge at particular points or throughout. Some come with inverter systems for conversion of DC energy into AC. More power is needed for heavy loads and steep inclines.

Existing pieces of equipment have trim line designs with retractable carriages, armrests, and footrests when not under use. When closed it leaves sufficient area for people to use staircases. Generally a unit occupies almost 300mm with unfolded footrest and carriage. It requires less time to fit straight units in comparison to curved lifts. Pathways are fitted first before motors and carriage.

Chairlift remote control is very easy to use. Remote controls are mounted at the start and end of staircases. They are important if two or more individuals in the home are using same stair lifts. Every unit has its specific weight restriction that must never be exceeded for safety reasons. Most of then have weight variation of 18 to 21 stones.

The devices are simple to operate. The armrest is fitted with down, large, and up joystick that works with minimum pressure. Once seated on the chair the user just presses the direction of travel from the control to start the machine. The unit stops immediately if the hand is removed from the joystick. It is possible to restrict use of a lift by locking it with a key.

To conclude, it is very crucial to know what to give due consideration when buying an electric chairlift. Buyers possibly come across a range of shapes and sizes. To make sure you end up with the best seek advice from an expert in this line of work. The specialist will assess the home and inform their customer of different available choices. Homes are visited to make sure once a lift is installed it will function properly as factors like width and height will have been taken into consideration.

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