What To Look For When You Compare Mobile broadband Deals

There are a few things to think about when choosing which mobile broadband deal you want to buy so first of all you need to decided what your internet needs are before you compare mobile broadband deals to find which is right for you.

How big of a download limit will you need? One of the major things to consider when you compare mobile broadband deals is to get the right download limit for you. The download limit is the amount of data you are permitted to download to your computer in any given month – you are always downloading information to your computer when you are online, not just when you are downloading songs and movies. If you only use the internet a hour or so a day to check emails and surf the web then a smaller download limit of around 1 – 3 GB per month should be enough but if you are regularly online and download a lot movies or songs you will need a bigger limit – maybe 10 or 15 GB per month. Getting this right is important because it can be expensive when you go over your limit.

Check coverage in your area A simple thing you need to look out for when you compare mobile broadband deals is that you can get coverage where you intent to use you broadband. There are some, generally rural, areas where you cannot get coverage. You can check the coverage of providers on their ‘coverage maps’ on their websites. Check if you can get coverage in the place where you live, where you work and places you often go to.

The max speed of your connection Max speed affects how quickly website load as well how quickly you can download music and films. If you do download a lot of movies and songs then you might want to consider a faster connection when you compare mobile broadband deals. Vodafone are the fastest with a max speed of 7.2 Mbps (Mega bites per second), then T Mobile with a 4.5 Mbps speed; Orange and 3 both offer 3.6 Mbps.

Length of the contract The length of your contract is an important thing to consider when you compare mobile broadband deals. The longer contracts of 12 and 24 months have a tendency to be cheaper and you will get your Dongle/USB modem for free, whereas with 1 month rolling contracts you will have to pay a one-off fee for your Dongle. 24 month contracts can also come with special offers. Pay as you go deals do not tie you down to a contract but are more expensive.

Does the Dongle/USB modem I have make a difference? There are different Dongles/USB Modems out there but in most cases you will get one sent to you when you start a contract. The one the provider send you will work to the capacities of that network so Vodafone Dongles will work to a maxim um speed of 7.2 Mbps for example. However, some Dongles have a Micro SD slot which basically allows your dongle to be used as a memory stick as well – these are good if you need to transfer information between different computers.

Do you want a laptop with your deal? A lot of providers offer pay monthly deals that included a laptop. The laptops are not free as there is a one off charge you have to pay and the cost of the monthly package is usually more than those without a laptop. Essentially, you are paying for the laptop on a monthly basis but it may be worth considering if you don’t have a laptop already or you are looking to upgrade.

Check the compatibility of your computer. The last thing to check when you compare mobile broadband deals is that your computer is capable of running that particular broadband package. Most newish computers should be ok but you should check the ‘requirements’ section on the deal to make sure.

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