When I Was Prepared To Make Some Serious Changes, I Went To The Vancouver Rehab Center

When I was at the utter limit of my mental and physical abilities, after having suffered through years of drug addictions, I finally wised up and checked myself into a Vancouver rehab center, and this decision pretty much saved my life. When I was young I had never done anything very bad, just the normal kid stuff, but when I went away to college, I made a huge mistake by trying some meth that a friend gave me. The first time, it made me feel like I had never felt before, a real high, so when I was at another party and there was meth going around, I was keen to try it again.

This started a long and terrible cycle of trying to resist the cravings, only to find myself needing the edge because of a particularly stressful test or paper I needed to write. Eventually, my addiction consumed my life and found myself flunked out of school, struggling to find enough money to pay the bills for my crummy apartment and keep my meth habit at the same time.

I was seriously at the point where I would have died if it were not for the intervention of my family and friends who tried to persuade me to check myself into a rehab center, which I was resistant to. After a long talk however, I realized that I did need some help so I checked myself into the Vancouver rehab center to try and get control of my life again.

The time I spent in rehab was definitely the hardest period of my life, and it required all of my will power and my energy to be able to really make the necessary changes in my life, and I could not have done it without the help of the staff. When I first arrived, I was impressed with how peaceful the environment was, and it was conducive to the healing that goes on and it helped me to feel at peace for the first time in a long time.

This rehab clinic was known for having a small number of clients there at a time so that they can really give personal attention to their clients and make sure that each and every client can have the help they need, which is why this is the best treatment Vancouver can offer. Now that my treatment is over, I have been clean for over a year, and it has been difficult, but it is definitely worth all of the trouble. It has been painful having to confront who I was and how I hurt those who loved me, but the wonderful part is that I have a new sense of self that cannot be replaced.

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