When the U.S caught on the e-cigarette

The surge in electronic cigarettes in United States happened in 2008 when celebrities started endorsing it. This is perhaps the best ever smoking reduction project yet to hit the markets. An e-cigarette is much like the traditional one, only it doesn’t have the harm that comes from tobacco. All the combustion products that are carcinogenic are removed from the smoke and all e cigarettes really provide is the nicotine vapor.

212 Smoke is one of the few e-cigarette sites which has a lot of information about e-cigarettes, as not much text about e-cigarettes are there otherwise. There was not much research conducted till now as to whether e-cigarettes really helped people to quit smoking. A survey in 2010 by an online e-cigarette merchant in the U.K had users speaking on how e-cigarettes had helped them quit smoking and what health changes they had faced.

These users are highly driven and ardent fans of e-cigarettes who might be slightly more biased than the average e-cigarette smokers. Thus, these estimates might be representative of all the users of e-cigarettes. Although, there are some countries that ban e-cigarettes, the results of the survey state that most users are using them to indeed curb their habit and stop smoking. However, the lack of legal framework for e-cigarettes might make the users start the terrible habit again.

The use and realization of electronic cigarettes has increased drastically in the past 2 years. These devices that are made and marketed by many varying sources produce nicotine by converting liquid containing water, propylene glycol, flavors and nicotine into vapor. E-cigarettes, thus, produce nicotine without the side effects caused by smoking cigarettes. Thus, the risk involved is much lesser than that of conventional cigarettes and more like smokeless tobacco which has 1% mortality.

The risks pertaining to nicotine remains the same. E-cigarettes are non-combustion nicotine producing products like the medicinal nicotine and smokeless tobacco. It promises similar tobacco harm reduction process through replacement of less harmful nicotine in cigarettes.

What’s not debated though is that e-cigarettes actually have a direct impact on the habit of smoking. Their lack of availability might actually make people start smoking again. It is true that the safety of new products should be questioned, but when the safety of these new products is assured, there should be no reason as to why they should not be introduced into the market.

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