Why Is It So Easy To Have A Great Parent Teenager Relationship?

When you hear the phrase: “It’s easy to have a great parent teenager relationship?”, what comes to mind? Do you think that the author of such a statement must be a little crazy? arrogant? or cheeky? The art of asking the right questions is a powerful parenting tool. urthermore, asking questions in a positive context stimulates the human brain to provide solutions.

When you are normally confronted with problems, such as in your parent teenager relationship, words like “frustration”, “difficulty”, “stressed”, “strained”, “confrontation”, “argument” and other similar negative terminology probably come to mind. Use of these kinds of descriptive words highlight a problem. When fed into your computer like brain, what kind of response can you expect?

If you ask questions that focus on negatives can you realistically expect positive, creative and useful solutions to emerge? Supposing you were to do a Google search and typed in the keywords: “problems in parent teenager relationships”, your computer will do a search based specifically on those keywords. If your keywords highlight what you don’t want ie problems, what sites can you expect to be taken to? Sites that highlight problems.

Content focused on negatives is not designed to take you where you want to go in your parent teenager relationship. Questions that are steeped in negatives will more likely result in despair rather than hope. The reason for this is that such questions tend to cause you to relive past negative experiences instead of delivering solutions.

Alternatively, if you type in “parent teenager relationship solutions” into your Google search engine or your computer like brain you are more likely to get data that points you to what you want to do and where you want to go in your relationship.

If you feel positive energy and empowered when you pose the question “Why is it so easy to have a great parent teenager relationship?” then by all means keep asking the question. The universe is then prompted to deliver you answers, that if implemented, will build a wonderful parent teenager relationship.

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