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I cant believe anyone would complain about these Gucci womens shoes. I put them on as much as possible; even to walk across the room; after work I may just stand in place doing a soft march so I can feel the soles massaging and comforting my tootsies.

As for those who say they dont fit; have you tried pushing up a little further with that thing between your toes? It feels slightly strange at first but they break in and fit perfectly. I bought them for everyone in my family as Christmas presents. I saw someone bought two pairs so that when one is being washed, the other can be worn. Mine already are getting dirty because I wont stop wearing them. I believe I will need a spare pair as well.

So comfy and not too hot – I recently moved to Florida and wanted some good quality gucci Womens shoes to wear on my ceramic tile floors, but not the scuff style thats really too warm for this climate. These are perfect! Theyre cozy enough I dont want to take them off, plenty squishy on the bottom, but with enough support that I feel better wearing them on the floor than going barefoot. Theyre perfect! I daresay I will never buy another brand of slipper; unless someone miraculously comes up with something more comfortable

I have very bad arthritis in my feet, and these Gucci shoes sale offer an incredible amount of padding. They are great for the summer, because your toes are not confined in a closed-type slipper. But be aware that they are cut on the large side, so your feet will look like they are wearing boats. However, that is a minor inconvenience, because when you put these Gucci womens shoes on, your feet will thank you.

I alternate between two pairs, and I wash them in cold water on the gentle cycle, and let them air dry. Zapposyou did it again. Please keep these Gucci womens shoes in your inventory, and thank you for the most OUTSTANDING customer service on the planet!

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