Why You Should Consider Using A Natural Skin Care Cream.

Hmm, why would you use a natural skin care cream? It seems that the whole world is going natural, in so many areas, but are there good reasons to use a skin care product that is natural?

What does natural mean when it applies to skin care? Good question, and one with no formal answer. You see although there are many natural skin care products on the market there is no one formal definition of what they are.

Is there any difference, for example, between natural skin care products and other skin care products labeled as botanical, or organic, or herbal?

There is no single definition of natural when applied to skin care products, but despite this it still has a meaning. Just not a formalized meaning.

In this case I tend to apply my own definition. To do this you need to consider the reasons why there is any need for a natural skin care product. After all why shouldn’t people just buy ordinary non natural skin care products?

There’s a simple answer. Most of the big name skin care products that you see on the shelves have one or more, often many, synthetic chemicals that some scientist somewhere has found performs a function. Some of them are found no where in nature.

One of the reasons for this is that it is often much cheaper to manufacture chemical ingredients than it is to take ingredients from nature.

Parabens is an example. These are a range of chemicals that are used in many products, not just skin care products, as preservatives. Why? Because they are very cheap to manufacture. But there’s a problem with finding Parabens in your products. Many consider that they are dangerous if used extensively and could cause cancer. But they’re cheap.

There are many chemical ingredients (and petrochemical ingredients) used in skin care products that are considered potentially dangerous. That’s the reason why so many people are now turning to “natural” skin care products.

It’s surprising just how many people are now turning to more “natural” or “organic” or “herbal” or “botanical” skin care products because they are scared of potential risks from use of products with strange chemical ingredients.

So from this information I can make my own definition. I consider a natural skin care product to be one which only uses ingredients that are found naturally somewhere and also which are known to be safe for human use. And there’s another part to the definition.

Natural skin care products should work as well or much better than mainstream skin care products. (That’s often not that hard as many mainstream skin care products don’t work very well.)

It’s surprising but the best natural skin care products often work way better than the mainstream products.

So although there is no one formal definition of what natural means you can still see that there is a meaning for most people. There are good reasons to use natural skin care creams. Very good reasons.

They’re safe to use and they work better than the mainstream big brand skin care ranges.

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