Will An Electric Mill Work For You?

If you have ever considered producing power for yourself, you may have considered solar as well as wind energy. While both of these have advantages and disadvantages, some are better suited than others for certain locations. This article will help you to decide if an electric mill is the correct choice for your home.

In certain locations, wind energy works better than others. On the west coast along the valleys of California, there are often winds blowing as there are in are in the central plain states. These areas have winds that often average the eight to ten miles per hour needed to operate the turbine. If the turbine is elevated, the wind speed is more constant and higher. Most turbines need to be elevated about one hundred feet into the air.

To provide space for the turbine and its support, your home needs to be located on a parcel of ground that is at least one acre in size. The wind option is also an excellent choice if there are no power lines near your home.

Make sure that you take the time to check out local regulations, including the covenants that previous owners may have agreed to for your property. These codes and covenants may not allow you to put the turbine on your property. You do not want to spend the money on the equipment that you will not be able to use because of restrictions. Talk with the local utility company if you plan to sell excess power that you generate.

In order for the wind generator to make economic sense, you will need to use enough electricity that your normal bill is above $150. If you use less electricity, the payback will for your investment will take much longer. You should also be comfortable with the idea of a long term investment. You will have a large amount of money tied up in the system. It will eventually pay for itself and you can reap the dividends.

An electric mill makes great sense for some homeowners. For others, you may need to look further.

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