Work Of A Yorkie Poo Breeder 1

The commonly called Yorkie Poo dogs are actually a half and half mix of the Yorkshire Terrier and a teacup or miniature Poodle. A Yorkshire Poodle puppy typically is purchased for around 300 to 600 dollars. Not only can you purchase these pups from internet pet shops, but also at swap-meets nearby, pet shops, and even in front of a supermarket. However, it takes a lot of effort, money, and time to actually be a Yorkie Poo breeder.

A male and female dog must be purchased first, so they can have a couple to breed. This can be done two different ways. One, they can get two half-Yorkshire half-Poodle dogs to breed together. Two, they can get one purebred Yorkshire Terrier and one purebred Poodle, both with papers. That can cost a lot of money. If they are purchased as puppies, the breeder must wait till they are old enough to breed, but they can also buy them as grown up dogs. They also must be careful to choose dogs with good temperaments, as they will pass the traits to their puppies.

They, of course, have to keep the dogs and their pups fed and watered, and train them to be good, obedient dogs. They also need the facilities to hold many dogs, though that depends on how big they want their operation to be. While some owners just want a small operation with one couple breeding and the puppies sold from that, others go larger with many couples breeding.

In either scenario, but mostly the last one, they would need a large, clean fenced arena for the dogs to be active in, and an inside facility to house and breed the dogs in. It must be inside because Yorkshire Poodles are fragile small dogs and would need protection. Also, most owners buy these dogs for inside pets, so they must be used to living inside. It would also be more time consuming and personal for the owners to have the dogs inside, which these types of dogs need very much.

Full grown, a Yorkie Poo rarely will be over 14 pounds. These dogs are people-adoring and full of energy. They love to bark and play, either with other pets or their owners. They shed little to no hair, and live great with other pet animals. They get sad and lonely easily if they are left alone a lot, and are also very easy to learn and train. The Poodle and Yorkshire terrier were originally bred as a designer breed, but their friendliness makes them even better pets.

Because of this fact, the owner needs to spend lots of quality time with their attention loving dogs and puppies. As the dogs are also extremely active, the breeder also needs to give the puppies lots of time outside with their supervision.

These vulnerable, tiny puppies are perfect prey for predators. More so if the facility is located near the countryside, so they need to keep a watchful eye over them. They would also need to start basic training for the puppies, like potty training, which is very time-consuming. The pups also need shots and vet checkups, which costs money as well.

While being a Yorkie Poo breeder is expensive and a time consuming job in and of itself, the money that can be made from each puppy, as was mentioned in the first paragraph, makes it completely worth it.

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