Did You Know That You Can Exercise When You Are Pregnant?

Before we even get into this, you should speak to your obstetrics/gynecologist first to let them know that you are going to start exercising, or that you are continuing to exercise while you are pregnant. The first trimester for every baby is extremely important, and this is the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Make sure when you are exercising that your heart rate does not go above 140 beats per minute and make sure that you do not get to hot while exercising.

Let’s start with a popular one: Kegel Exercises. It’s not a cardiovascular exercise to say in the least, but a very crucial one. There are many benefits of these exercises including strengthened perineal muscles, control of your muscles during labor and delivery, as well as later, you will have minimal bladder leaks and minimal hemorrhoids. How great is that?

Another benefit of these lovely Kegel Exercises would be that you can do them whenever you want, and nobody will know. Anything to get our bladder control back, right ladies?

Swimming is an excellent exercise to do when you are expecting. It is the safest exercise for an expecting woman. It keeps the weight off of your joints and helps them to relax. It also relieves the stress off of your aching back. It is a safe low cardiovascular exercise, you and the baby will love it! You can also go shopping for the perfect maternity swimsuit for you to look great in while you are having fun.

If you want to walk, it is a great way to start exercising. You can make a schedule for yourself, and it is easy to fit into your day. Don’t forget to check with your specialist before doing anything excessive. Always make sure you are comfortable and wear supportive shoes.

If you love to bike, it is a good way to exercise when you are pregnant. The bike will support your weight, which is great because your joints will get a break. But, when your baby grows bigger in your belly, your balance could be a big factor. Just be very careful.

Yoga: There are specially designed classes for expecting ladies and you can probably look them up at your local gym, or even a community center. Yoga especially has a great reputation for relieving stress all over your body and also takes the pressure off of a lot of your muscles, especially your back. Yoga is safe for you and your baby, but don’t be to vigorous with the exercises. There is a lot of selection of maternity Yoga clothes out there, you just have to know where to shop.

Pilates is another great thing to keep in shape while pregnant. There are also specific classes out there for expecting women, so try to do those. We recommend that you avoid lying on your back extensively, and be careful about stretching to much. If you are not sure, take a specially made class. You will enjoy these exercises with other women who are pregnant as well, and who knows, you might even make your own little support group or just meet knew friends.

If you are a runner, don’t panic, you don’t have to stop running. Your body is already used to this, and chances are, your heart rate has already adapted to this. Just check with your doctor, sometimes conditions may apply.

If you do attend a gym, it is recommended that you be careful not to get your heart rate to high, so just use the monitors on the machines. If you question certain machines, check with your care provider- no question is a bad one.

There are, unfortunately, certain exercises that us pregnant ladies should avoid. Skiing is one of them because if you fall, you could seriously hurt yourself and the baby. But, if you are pregnant in the summer, you don’t have to worry about that right? But then again, water skiing is also not recommended because it can cause serious abdominal trauma. So, just stay away from any kind of skiing and we will all be safe. Horseback riding is also another no no. Pretty much, just stay away from the exercises that have to high a risk of falling and you should be okay.

Important exercising tips:

1. A great bra that gives you support is a good start.

2. Make sure you are comfortable in your clothes, nothing to tight.

3. Shoes that fit and are comfortable are very important, especially when you are pregnant.

4. Drink lots of fluids and keep your body hydrated.

5. Breathe deeply and consistently.

6. Don’t get your heart rate to high, you don’t want to over exert yourself or have the baby’s heart rate to high.

7. When stretching, it is not recommended to be lying on your back for to long, so try do the stretches standing or sitting. It is also not recommended to do sit ups or crunches when you are expecting. Each case is different, so check with your physician.

8. If you are experiencing something odd (vaginal bleeding, cramping, shortness of breath, dizziness or anything that seems unusual to you), stop immediately what you are doing. If this continues, contact your physician.

Pregnancy is a beautiful time, so enjoy it. Just be careful when you are exercising. Remember that your doctor is only a phone call away.

About The Author: Anna Snyder is a young mother of 3 who has a growing interest in pregnancy and maternity field. For great nursing and maternity clothes, check out her site My Maternity Clothing to find a great selection, everything you need for pregnancy and beyond.