Performs As Advertised – Outdoor Flood Lights Review

Photocell won’t let the light come on in the day when movement is detected. The motion detection is super delicate. You need to take the batteries out to turn it off.

Happy we made the acquisition. You can also set the patio string lights to stay on for two minutes or thirty seconds, and choose a bright or dim setting.

They work on just a couple of watts of energy and provide exactly the same light as a much-higher wattage standard bulb light.

The light is simple to set up and is effective. Ordered a couple of them after testing out my neighbor’s Dorcy unit. These comments apply only to the transformer-powered, wired Malibu LED lights, not the solar-powered models.

I would extremely recomend. So, to those individuals who are skeptical, I would say these LED window candles give you a great “bang for your buck”. This precisely meets my requirement for a light when I get home at night so I can see to unlock the doorway. It throws off a large, bright swath of bluish-white light, and those steps and the road here are now much, much brighter and safer.

After I stop comparing the brightness and coverage to the old halogen flood light, I will most likely give it five stars instead of four. There is not much distinction between the two brightness ranges. I got everything from jumper cables to in-dash CD player the same time I bought these lights. The only problem is the fact that only half of them focus on arrival. The light includes a handful of duration settings so I’m certain the three year battery life is dependant on a restricted number of the shortest light duration setting.

In a couple of weeks it is become a new behavior, no big deal – although it would have been good if the sensor knob turned a little more, so I could center the cone pointing at the door. You are able to direct the light only vertically when you mount it, if you don’t somehow want to mount it horizontally. Looks great too. Well worth the cash for some safety lights. These lights were simple to install, for home improvement rookies.

Among the first things I did the next day was to get on the web to locate a movement sensor security light. An ideal match and straightforward to install. This can help keep your polished reflector free of dirty smudges from fingerprints when assembling the light. The controls are recessed and you cannot get a finger inside to adjust them.

The motion sensor is delicate enough to turn on the moment we open up the back door. I installed it on side of house were its dark,this small movement detection lights up that corner good enough to see somebody.

The fixture used in these outdoor flood lights are of interest. The price on these industrial outdoor lighting units aren’t bad either.